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The Expertise to Translate Vietnamese and Manage your Project

Here are some points that will help your Vietnamese translation project run smoothly. These are just a few of the many lessons I've learned, translating English to Vietnamese since 1990. If you think I can help see my qualifications or send me email.

  •  Find a Vietnamese translator with experience in your field.
  •  When you translate Vietnamese, expect the text to expand up to 30% longer than the English. A ten page document may grow to 13 pages.
  •  Make sure your Vietnamese translator understands the needs of your publisher. This may mean anything from print and prepress experience, to software engineering and web localization.
  •  Make the scope of the project clear.
  •  Set and communicate your deadline requirements.
  •  Complete any revisions to your original text before you translate into Vietnamese or other languages.
  •  Decide who your target audience is specifically. Vietnamese people in America and people in Viet Nam have different cultural responses. You should also be aware of the different regional dialects within Viet Nam.